Abstract Kicks Poster Collection by Kick Posters

If you aren't already familiar with Kick Posters consider this your long overdue introduction. Graphic Designer, Dan Freebairn, has combined his passion for sneakers with his incredible artistic talents and birthed Kick Posters which quickly became one of our go to and favorite destinations for any sneaker related art.

His latest collection called "Abstract Kicks" is just that. A series of images that pay homage to some of the most legendary and iconic kicks from years past and in recent memory as well. The end result of each piece in the collection is nothing short of perfection. With a limited run of only 5 prints in each shoe you can be sure this is something you need to jump on immediately as several of them have already sold through. Make sure to hit up KickPosters directly here to purchase your personal favorite from the bunch and continue below for a gallery of the standouts.


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