LightMode Electroluminescent Motorcycle Helmets

No this isn't a screen grab from Tron. This is an actual functional and real helmet from the innovators at LightMode. Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle knows how dangerous it can be on a day to day basis and especially if you ride when its dark. You can be the most careful driver in the world but if you get caught that one time from someone else who isn't paying attention it could be a very bad situation.

The product is very simple but completely transforms your normal helmet into something that could eventually one day save your life. The electroluminescent materials surrounds your helmet and include small controllers that power the helmet and gives the rider the ability to either have the lights on consistently, blink or just have them off. You can choose from 5 different color options which include aqua, red, white, green and blue.

The project has more than exceeded its goal funding amount on Kickstarter so its just a matter of time before this starts shipping and you start seeing one on the road in your city. Make sure to go check out LightMode directly here to purchase one now.



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