Safe House Zombie-Proof Fortress

If you ever happen to be in Poland and the inevitable Zombie apocalypse attack happens just know there is a structure that is all but certain to keep you save. This "Safe House" which is 6,100 square feet is one of the craziest and at the same time most awesome spaces we have ever seen.

The home took 4 years to build and for good reason once you really take into account everything that has gone into putting this project together. By day the house looks like an extremely modern design looking house that isn't too out of the normal but once the building is locked down into disaster mode it transforms into an absolute fortress.

Nearly every room needs a key card to get in, high res security cameras monitor outside activity and to top it off the home is equipped with a smart phone controlled industrial grade home generator along with a top notch fire suppression system. Continue below and just take a look at how utterly amazing this structure is. We cant think we would ever need security of this magnitude but hey you never know what could happen in the future right?


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