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If you haven't ran across one of YoAnty's Youtube videos, stumbled across a tweet or liked an Instagram photo from him by now you must be living under a rock. Anthony or better known as "YoAnty" not only is making some major moves within the sneaker culture but all of the success and widespread popularity could not have happened to a better person as soon as you have a chance to talk with the infamous bearded sneaker aficionado.

Make sure to continue below for our one on one interview with one of the most positive figures in what sometimes can be a very negative industry at the moment.

TH: For anyone unfamiliar please introduce yourself. Name, Age, Homebase.

YoAnty: Anthony Bartoloni, 30, Boston, MA.

TH: All of your followers on your Youtube channels, IG and Twitter may think they know everything about you at this point just because of how personal you are with your fans out there but what is something people would still be surprised to know about you?

YoAnty: Something my viewers might be surprised to know about me is that I consider myself a shy person. I don't come across like that on camera but in certain situations I am a shy person.

TH: If you had the opportunity to collab on a specific shoe what would that be and why?

YoAnty: I would collab on the Air Jordan 4. It's my all time favorite model. I'm a big fan of retro sneakers and especially sneakers that have a visible air max unit. Jordan 4's are my go to sneaker and I can wear them in almost all occasions therefor it would be perfect to collab on for me.

TH: Do you remember what the one shoe that really sparked your love for sneakers? And what about that shoe is so special to you?

YoAnty: Air Max 90's are what started my love for sneakers. I just love the way they look they're timeless. I still look at them now and am like damn that's a dope shoe.

TH: You are hands down one of the most humble and positive personalities in the sneaker culture. Is it sometimes a little difficult to stay above the clouds when things like the sneaker culture the way it is nowadays is so negative at times?

YoAnty: When I first started getting into sneaker social media I was a little hesitant because of all the negativity. People are extremely opinionated when it comes to sneakers. My goal was to be myself from day 1 and my goal is to continue to be myself now. If I can help bring positivity to the sneaker community in anyway then I am going to do that.

I have plenty of haters but that doesn't really effect me because the amount of people that support me. Running 2 YouTube channels is a grind but my viewers have my back and support me more than anyone even knows.

TH: If you could give one piece of advice to the heads at Nike/Jordan Brand from the people what would that be?

YoAnty: My piece of advice I would give to heads at Nike/Jordan would be to do more collabs with shops/designers. I would love to see shops do collaborations with Air Jordan retros. Tell me a Ronnie Fieg x Jordan wouldn't be flat out sick. I love what Saucony is doing with all their collabs I would love to see Jordan Brand try that out.

TH: What has been your surprise favorite pickup for 2014 so far and why?

YoAnty: My surprise favorite pick up of the year would be either the Air Tech Challenge II "Turbo Green" or the New Balance 1300 National Parks "Teal". Neither are hyped shoes at all but both caught my eye instantly and I find myself always wanting to wear them. I normally never wear the same shoe back to back days but both of these sneakers I want to wear for the whole week.

That's the best part about buying sneakers sometimes and wearing them. You don't realize how much you let the sneaker until you get them on your feel and rock them. It's then you experience the feeling of wearing the shoe. Sometimes it's unexplainable why I like certain shoes and I like that. I don't need a theme or a super limited sneaker for it to be dope sometimes they just are.

TH: At the end of the day all of these sneakers we buy are just rubber, leather and glue. For us it’s the relationships and friends you make along the way that lasts longer than the actual sneaker itself. Who are a few good people you have had the chance of meeting through the sneaker culture that you really appreciate?

YoAnty: Hands down the best thing out of all of this is the people involved. I have made life time friends out of this and that is something no sneaker could replace. TBlake and I both started our YouTube channels around the same time and have been grinding away together the last 3+ years. He is someone I know I can always count on and an inspiration to see how hard he works at such a young age.

Eddie Win is another good friend of mine. We are always bouncing ideas of each other and trying to think of ways we can continue to grow in the sneaker industry. A few other guys I am grateful to call friends and have helped me in all of this are Mr. Foamersimpson Nightwing2303 and Kustoo.

TH: For the younger generation out there just getting into sneakers what is a piece of advice you can give them not only about sneakers but just the culture in general and everything that surrounds it.

YoAnty: My advice to the younger generation that is just getting into sneakers is to wear sneakers that you enjoy. Don't get caught up in trying to wear what other people think is cool. You don't have to own a million sneakers to have an awesome sneaker collection. Just own pairs that you enjoy and that makes your collection dope. The sneaker culture as a whole can get very competitive. I think it's important to have knowledge about sneakers and companies. It doesn't take much to jump online and ready up about sneaker history. At the end of the day it's sneakers and sneakers should be should be fun. Have fun and be yourself.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media?

YouTube: YoAntyKicks and YoAnty.

Website: YoAnty.com

Twitter: YoAnty1

IG: YoAnty

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