Daniel Libeskind & Moroso - Counting the Rice Table

Good design is universal and truly one of our biggest sources of inspiration. "Good Design" is a true understatement however when you get to talking about this amazing table made by Daniel Libeskind and Moroso called "Counting the Rice".

The "Counting the Rice" name and theme is used because this is more than just a simple table and chair combo. Its actual purpose is to expand your personal meditation routine by practicing the act of separating and counting grains of rice for a minimum of 6 hours while staying seated. The end result is an experience that is supposed to test your psychological and physical limits while putting you in a true meditative state.

All of the "purpose" aside this is just some eye candy if you love design and clean lines. While the table/chair combo is not available for purchase at the moment we still wanted to share it with you as a source of inspiration which you can look over in further detail below.


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