TODAYSHYPE Spotlight: Clae Strayhorn Vibram

Clae has quickly become one of the go to destinations if your looking for something a little left of what may be offered from the normal swoosh or three stripes offerings out there. Their versatile and ever expanding lineup includes some real gems and the Strayhorn Vibram that were taking a look at here is one of our favorites.

In what could be the your favorite all around Fall shoe, the Strayhorn Vibram features some sleek and classy lines everywhere you look with everything sitting on a classic white and rugged Vibram sole. A deep navy leather is used throughout the entire upper of the Strayhorn which is a smooth, supple and lush leather that is sure to only get better with age as you wear these in.

There really isn't much to cover in regards to the the actual styling of the shoe as it borrows from the classic chukka and desert boot that you should already be familiar with. The addition of the Vibram Christy sole and the well done Clae construction is what really elevates the Strayhorn to a higher level and should definitely be considered as a next purchase if your looking for a solid, well constructed and versatile shoe for the Fall season.

You can pick up a pair now directly from the Clae online store here and make sure to continue below for our in depth gallery covering every angle of the shoe.


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