TODAYSHYPE Spotlight: lululemon F/W Oct/Nov Releases

lululemon has become a trailblazer in the active wear and yoga world thanks to both their ideology and overall care for their products but also the love for the many people who support the brand. Its more than just a big named brand pushing repetitive product your way every month. To them its about a lifestyle and way of living your day to day life that comes out in the thought and execution of every piece they have been selling since 1998.

We had an opportunity to showcase some of our personal favorite pieces from their latest drops and bring them to you here. To say lululemon lives up their price point is definitely a true understatement. More often than not you will see certain competing brands come in at a high price point but have products that don't even garner half the price they pay. lululemon pieces not only will last through years of daily abuse but they use some of the highest quality fabrics and materials you can find anywhere.

From the gym to your yoga class and even some pieces that tip toe that fine line in between casual and active wear that you can wear in a more casual setting. This is why we appreciate and hold lululemon as the standard. This is that X factor that some try to duplicate and perfect but most cant even come close.

Make sure to check out the lululemon online store directly here to pick up everything you see in our full gallery below and stay tuned for more coming very soon from the TODAYSHYPE crew.


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