Trace Lamp by Jon Irons

We always are searching for the best and most innovative forward thinking design no matter what it may be so when we were introduced to this Trace Lamp by Jon Irons himself we had to share it with you.

The stripped down and minimal lamp is made of two pieces of light weight bamboo which not only is a renewable source but also just looks great no matter your personal taste. Jon's inspiration for the Trace Lamp was to create a piece using the least amount of materials as possible but still ensuring you have a clean and great conversation piece for your office, living room or just about anywhere you can think of.

The project is currently running on Kickstarter and has nearly met its initial goal mark so you can definitely expect the project to come to fruition sooner than later. Make sure to go check out their Kickstarter page here and help support and get your own Trace Lamp now. Also continue below for some great visuals showcasing the lamp in different settings.


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