6 years of 808s & Heartbreak

Kanye has had a countless amount of landmark moments in his storied career but you can easily argue that his release of 808s & Heartbreak 6 years ago today may be his biggest accomplishment.

From the get go you already knew this was going to be something special even if you might have hated the fact that Ye was on his autotune ish at the time. With visual cover art assistance from the legend KAWS and some of the original, passionate and most heartfelt videos ever done by Mr. West its no wonder why this specific album is on lot of peoples favorite album lists.

It was a time in Kanye's life when a multitude of things were clashing and coming to a head with the end result being 808's & Heartbreak. From the untimely death of his mother to his severed relationship with his then girlfriend/fiance. It really is something to look back at the album and all the controversy that surrounded it at the time. There is a reason 6 years later all of that sits on the sideline and all that shines through is the amazing and timeless music that was a result of Mr. West's true heartbreak and pain. So if you have 52 minutes to spare today give this classic another listen and pull yourself back into this time in music history.

Above artwork by Yongseok Jung.

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  1. could of been a longer post yo, this album changed the rap industry as a whole.


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