Converse Space Jam Pack

If you grew up in the 90's and were a basketball fan you had to love Space Jam. Even the biggest MJ hater had to appreciate the film at the time and the impact it had on so many peoples childhood. While the first thing you think of is Jordan's when you think about the movie thanks to the iconic Space Jam XI's there was a little cameo appearance from the Converse poster boy at the moment in Larry Johnson.

Grandmama himself always rocked the beefy Converses back in the day and this pack commemorates a couple shoes from the brand with heavy influence from the movie itself. The Aero Jam and the Weapon both get a complete overhaul with the Aero Jam sporting a Bupkis aesthetic and the Weapon pulling inspiration from Marvin the Martian.

Its really nice to see two shoes that don't get as much love currently in the sneaker culture get the proper shine and attention they deserve with this well done pack. You can pick up a pair now directly here and make sure to continue below for some alternate images of both shoes.


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