The most entertaining sneaker channel on Youtube - MrCrispycoyle

Don't get it twisted we show mad love to our long time favorite Youtube sneaker channels out there representing the culture hard every day... MrFoamerSimpson, YoAnty, GTFan712Productions, T Blake the list goes on. But we had to show some major love to a certain someone we recently stumbled across as of late who has created a new lane and style of sneaker videos all his own.

MrCrispycoyle hands down has one of and if not the most entertaining sneaker dedicated channel on Youtube and that's saying quite a lot. His witty, swag infused lingo is just the tip of the iceberg here as well. Crispy's knowledge for the sneaker culture goes years and years back with roots embedded in the Philadelphia streets. With heavy influences in graffiti, 90's Hip-Hop and of course fresh fashion you can be rest assured you always will have something to pull from in his videos other than the fresh kicks.

Do yourself a favor and check out his Youtube channel directly here and subscribe now as its only a matter of time before the boy Crispy takes over and starts to creep into the mainstream. We've included a few of our favorite clips from his channel below so check those out as well.


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  1. CRISPY IS THAT DUDE!!! Str8 Philly Legend!!! I love watching Crispy's videos and have been watching for a few years now! In my opinion he is the realest of the real and my personal favorite dude from the sneaker community on You Tube!! He is a humble cat and always gives you the raw and uncut! No editing or script, just him, a camera, some IL kicks and some Classic Hip Hop joint playing in the background!!! If you have never watched the young bull, do yourself a favor and check him out and you will see what im talking about....Besides all of wat i ststed above he is hilarious and will have you laugh even on your worst days! At the end of the day hes just a real dude like me and you that loves to chop it up about kicks and some Polo fits!!! So go to You Tube and check into the LAB, say what up to Jake, and just kick it with him for a few!!! Tell him Dj from Mass sent you and please don't forget to Subscribe!!!!!!

    TodaysHYPE.com Thank You for showing Love to the Realest doin it!!!! Much Love & Respect from Mass, Peace!!!!1


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