The RF and Ye effect. What it means for the culture moving forward.

If there are two names you can credit for generating the most buzz in the sneaker/fashion culture while also pushing boundaries and breaking down walls there is no debate that the list starts and ends with Ronnie Fieg and Kanye West. Both men have not only guided the industry into a realm most people would have never imagined 10 years ago.

While you can say what you want about their design and palette choices if you put whatever hate you have to the side you have to pay homage to what their name attached to a product does. This is what the RF and Ye effect is all about. The ability to completely shake things up in seconds as soon as an image is leaked or piece of clothing/sneaker is worn.

Don't think this is just a straight hype thing either. While of course their is major hype that comes during the aftermath of whatever the two choose to support their is a reason for that hype. Some may discount anything that garners the RF and Ye co-sign but you simply cannot deny the high standards and consistent quality products that earn this attention.

Hype has been around forever and while it has gotten a little out of hand with certain things in the more recent years any admiration that these two accrue is well deserved. The passion and real love of the culture both RF and Ye represent and live day in day out is what makes any release out of the two camps a sure fire hit.

Both have broken down doors in the sneaker and fashion worlds and have truly become real trailblazers in the industry. Tell us who other than these two have consistently been pumping out knock out the park collaborations on what seems a quarterly basis? Of course there are other people out there with one off or a couple collab sneakers under their belt but none that have truly shaken up the industry, focused on high quality materials and it seems the sky's the limit at this point.

We can go down the list and break down each and every shoe and fashion choice both have made and the impact left from each choice but we would be here all day. All we want you to do is appreciate what both have already done for the culture now while they are still here doing major work and not years down the road. Cheers to both Mr. Fieg and Mr. West and here's to many more projects and forward thinking moves in the future. We cannot wait to see whats in store for the rest of the year and many more down the road.

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  1. Well, as you pointed out, they have attached their names to sneakers and other items that are quality. I don't know if the names along keep the momentum going as far as the products are concerned. If the footwear was not durable or attractive, would people buy it just because of the name? Their name gives the products a push, definitely.


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