The nightmare before Christmas... Air Jordan XI Legend Blue

Every year we all go through it... the calendar hits December and the annual Air Jordan Christmas release is quickly causing a frenzy across the country. While it seems like every year it gets worse and worse in regards to hype and horrible behavior that comes with it this year might take the cake.

It's the struggle that exists when you have a love for sneakers and especially Jordan's. You have to part the sea of resellers and scumbags pushing early release fakes to even get a slim chance of snagging a pair for retail from a legit source and that alone is easier said than done. You could also go the raffle route of course but it looks as if even that is a struggle itself thanks to the craziness that has already gone down surrounding this years "Legend Blue" XI release.

With fights, pepper spray from police and general stupid behavior popping up in the news with this shoe being responsible for it all this specific general release unicorn of a release may have to hold the title as the most hyped release in the Air Jordan history.

When you take into account the lack of previous releases of this specific colorway, even though the sole is slightly bluer than the OG, and the undeniable freshness that comes with nearly any Jordan XI release it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone where things have ended up the day before its official release. Reseller prices already breaking $300 for a massively GR release is something that will never feel right and even for the newest sneaker lover you have to question what the hell we are all doing here?

But lets keep it real we always ask this question year after year if all this build up, hype, stress and dropping a couple bills at least is really worth it over and over again. That's the struggle that comes along with having a love for sneakers and this culture in general. So here is to all the massive amounts of people who will be lining up tonight and into the morning. Be safe, be respectful and if you happen to scoop up a couple pairs you might want to cash in on a little sneaker karma and bless others with a retail pair since we know there will be many people who don't get a pair without paying nearly double.

Above sneaker art by Roy Handy

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