TODAYSHYPE Spotlight: I Love Ugly

There are a handful of brands that encompass everything we truly love about menswear and streetwear. I Love Ugly is one of the names within the culture that has always been a true standout for us. Several factors contribute to why they push the actual culture itself in the right direction and its much more than just dope designs.

Super clean cuts, premium materials and designs that are copied by several other competing brands are just the tip of the iceberg here when it comes to the I Love Ugly name. We got our hands on a few select pieces from their latest offerings and wanted to bring you some visuals.

A few of our favorites included the iconic Zespy Pants in a new "Track" cut, a crazy blacked out Rain Jacket and a classic fully lined all white Coaches Jacket jus tot name a few. Make sure to hit up I Love Ugly directly here to purchase everything we got our hands on and also check out everything else they have up at the moment there is plenty to choose from.

Continue below for our full gallery:



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