Y-3 Qasa Inspired Cup Concept

You cant have a great sneaker without even better design. That concept couldn't be any more true than this amazing concept illustration from Nick Beckles of a Y-3 Qasa High inspired drinking cup.

Normal sneaker related art and concepts are the simple illustration flip of a classic shoe but this one here takes things to another level. Based off what is one the of the best designed sneakers in recent years this Qasa inspired product is only a concept and not reality at this point but we could only imagine if something similar to this was able to come to reality we would definitely have to cop one with the quickness.

Even if Y-3 isn't your cup of tea you still have to appreciate the imagination and high level of execution that Nick Beckles shows here with these crazy illustrations. Make sure to go check out Nick's work out directly here and continue below for some alternate angles of this concept.



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