TODAYSHYPE Spotlight: RPMWest Slim Straight Japanese Charcoal Selvedge Denim

We previously had a chance to snag a pair of RPMWest's selvedge denim when they first dropped way back. We more recently had a change to once over their updated line which includes this pair of Slim Straight Japanese Charcoal Selvedge Denim.

While the cut is the same as the previous pair we tested out the finish and overall look of these Japanese Charcoal Selvedge Denim jeans take things to a much higher level if you ask us.

It can be very difficult to find a pair of selvedge denim of this high quality and with a finish in this charcoal color. Right off the bat you can tell this pair is going to age with grace and look better and better as the months go on with each wear.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to support locally owned and USA made garments like this first instead of riding the wave everyone else may do from your more big box or popular name brand alternatives.

The charcoal pair we got our hands on here are definetaly one of the most versatile colors you can come with for denim as they can go with any outfit and nearly any situation. You can pick these up directly here from the RPMWest online store and even if your not into the dark charcoal vibe they have other alternative colors available in the same cut and finish too directly here.


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