World renowned artist, Michael Kalish, creates a lifestyle brand by remaking classic pieces every man should own and pass down. 

There used to be a time in this country when things were made here and made extremely well. When we look back at the history of manufacturing in the USA, quality goods were made better than anyone else. Two years ago, Michael Kalish set out on an epic journey across the U.S. to meet and be inspired by the most skilled American craftsman and manufacturers. A journey for Michael to seek inspiration turned into an obsession with the once bustling American manufacturing industry. From inspiration, to obsession, Kalish & Sons is born.

As a fine artist for over 20 years, Michael believes in creating unique pieces that gain value over time. He focused on creating a product line that would gain character and tell a story as it worn over time and time again. His products are so well made that he designed and crafted these pieces so that someone could pass them along to their children.

His signature piece and featured essential: The Coat. This limited edition piece of the Kalish & Sons collection comes in two color variations; Brown Distressed Chore and Navy Blue Travel. It also comes with a custom hand-crafted wooden hangar and a limited edition art print on the inside of the jacket. The first 300 coats will be hand-signed by Michael Kalish himself.

Michael Kalish has also added these unique one-of-a-kind pieces to his lifestyle brand:

  • The hand-thrown mug
  • The musk scented candle made from recycled glass
  • The classic Kalish American style throw pillow
  • The wooden flask
  • The waxed canvas duffle bag
  • The art canvas print strung into a beautiful aged wooden frame created by Michael himself

Michael Kalish decided to offer these pieces through Kickstarter so he can concentrate on hand-making only what we need without having any excess product or material. Extras like a limited edition screen print inside each canvas coat that make the jacket a piece of art or including custom made leather journals that come with each duffle bag will only be available through the duration of this campaign which ends 
November 12, 2015.

Early pledgers will be able to get their hands on any piece of the Kalish & Sons Collection at a low price through their Kickstarter campaign.


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