APPHYPE: Spendee - See where your money goes

Finding that perfect app to help get all your finances in order can sure be a taunting tast. Yes there is a wealth of options available but when you start sorting through them you realize most of them are outdated, very intimidating and just not user friendly.

Spendee is the perfect money managing app that checks every mark off the list when it comes to must have features all packed into one app that looks like it was made just for ios 7. With its latest redesign you can the amount of work that has gone into this beauty of an app. Smooth animations, flat ui and a very easy to understand interface are the first things you notice as soon as you open up Spendee.

Dealing with monthly bills and expenses is normally the last thing you want to do but once you get Spendee in your hands you actually find yourself wanting to constantly input more information as the days go by to futher boost your overall awareness of your finances.

Editable categories, icloud backup, intelligent notifications and the ability to add a bill or expense in literally seconds makes this is an absolute must have app for everybody no matter whats going on in your life.

You can pick up Spendee now in the App Store for $1.99 Here.


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