FREEiOS7.com - The best iOS 7 parallax wallpapers for your iPhone & iPad

Finding wallpapers that go with the overall flat redesigned theme of iOS 7 can be a taunting task. If your looking for quality parallax wallpapers the thirst becomes even more strong. FREEiOS7.com is the cure to this problem however with hundreds of minimal and quality wallpapers that are sized perfectly for your iPhone or iPad all in retina resolution.

With wallpapers updated literally by the hour, go follow their Twitter feed for constant updates, this is the perfect site to keep in your bookmarks for fresh wallpapers that are of the highest quality and not just crap thrown out there to the public. You can tell the choice of wallpaper is always top notch just by scrolling through the first few pages in their gallery.

Make sure to visit FREEiOS7.com and follow them on Twitter now for the best wallpapers anywhere for your iPhone and iPad rocking iOS 7.

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