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One of the biggest iPhone 5 & 5s design cues is the overall thin design that everyone knows and loves. Yes you have to love that industrial design but even the biggest non case user has to feel a little bit afraid of scratching up the all metal hardware of the iPhone 5s. The Peel case is one of the thinnest and lightest cases you will find available for the iPhone 5s. Yes there are other cheaply made China knockoffs out there that may be slightly thinner but the quality Peel puts into the fit and finish of this case is truly worth the price of admission in every way possible.

At just 0.35mm thick you can easily tell where the "Super Thin Case" by Peel gets its name from. It is jaw dropping once you get the case out of the package and in your hands it will hands down be the lightest and thinest case you will ever get your hands on. Like I said previously there are some other cases out there from some cheap no name retailers that are similar to this case in the overall look but thats where the similarities stop completely.

The main difference between the two lay with the way the case just feels amazing in the hand and all the way around each corner. I have owned a couple of the cheaper variations of this case and the way the two feel are night and day. The competitors cases have rough edges around each corner that can actually give you a cut if your not careful and the cutouts around the case just don't line up as well as this Peel case.

You can tell they took there time with the dimensions everywhere you look on the Peel case. Every button and port on the iPhone 5s perfectly lines up with the Peel case with little to no room for error which is a good thing. The last thing you want with a case like this is unnecessary gaps and holes around certain areas.

The Black version is perfect for the latest Space Grey iPhone 5s as it just flows perfectly and you can even see the phone through the case which is always a nice touch. The finish of the Peel case has a nice matte feel to it that does slightly attract fingerprints but nothing crazy here that would deter you from using or buying it. When compared to other similar matte cases this one does well in the fingerprint department so kudos to Peel on that as well.

Do be aware this is definitely not going to protect your iPhone from any minimal or serious drops. It is primarily a case for those looking to protect there investment from surface scratches that are an all too common problem with the iPhone. You going to get full back and edge scratch protection which for some is all they need and want.

So if your in the market for the best fitting and thinnest case out there for the iPhone 5 & 5s then I would highly recommend the Peel case. They also offer two alternate colors in White and even Gold for the highly popular gold iPhone 5s.

You can purchase the Peel case directly from there website Here.

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