Review: Bluelounge Saidoka iPhone 5s Dock

Keeping your iPhone charged and synced with your desktop really is a simple and easy process itself. However when you get down to the nitty gritty though and actually start doing work at your desk all the while still using your iPhone to get things done at the same time thats when things get a little tricky. Yes you can simple just use your lightning cord to charge and sync your iPhone but that can be a messy endeavour for someone who hates a tangled cord always flapping around when you pick up your phone.

Bluelounge has been the go to place for cable management in recent years with seemingly ingenious ideas comming from their team on a consistant basis. One of their latest creations is the Saidoka dock for the iPhone 5/5s. It gives you the ability to keep your iPhone docked and charged on your desktop but also keeps the phone at a perfect viewing angle to keep using the phone even when its synced up without having to even pick it up from the cradle.

Available in either white or black the Saidoka is very pleasing to the eye and blends in perfectly with the Apple design that we have all come to know and love. The Saidoka is super versatile as well thanks to the silicon insert that sits inside the dock letting you use it with or without a case on your iPhone which is a lifesaver for anyone with a case that has had troubles finding a dock that will still be compatible with their iPhone without having to remove the case every time you want to dock it. We didnt have any issues with most minimal iPhone 5 cases but you do have to keep in mind this isnt going to work with huge cases like an Otterbox or something very bulky like that.

The official Apple iPhone 5s leather case did work on occasion but we did have some issues getting it to consistantly sync up every time we dropped it in the dock. If you have a simple snap case or something of that nature you wont have any problems at all and while we did have some issues with the official Apple iPhone 5s case and this dock it did work eventually you just need to be aware some of the cases in that form factor may be hit or miss.

The overall design and feel of the Saidoka is a joy to use thanks to that perfect viewing angle and the sticky silicon bottom to prevent it from moving all over your desk when using it. The only real complaint we had with the design was actually with the charging cable that attatches the Saidoka to your desktop. The connection between the micro-usb cord and the dock can be a little loose at times causing it to sometimes loose connection. While its not an absolute deal breaker because its not something that happens all the time, it is something we need to mention because it will happen on occation. Hopefully this is a simple fix that Bluelounge can address with a better matched micro-usb cord connection in the near future.

All in all we really did enjoy using the Saidoka dock thanks to the versatility of being able to use it with or without a case and the perfect viewing angle it provides is something you just cant live without once you start using it. If Bluelounge can fix a minor loose cable issue with the mini-usb cord then this will be a perfect dock and syncing solution for any iPhone 5 & 5s user. You can pick up the Bluelounge Saidoka dock directly from Bluelounge Here.



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