DSPTCH - Heavy Camera Sling Strap - Camo

DSPTCH is known worldwide as the leaders in rugged and functional camera straps that are also available in some nice colors and now this alternate Camo version. We can talk this camera strap up as much as we want to but lets just let the people from DSPTCH explain it:

"A rugged and functional way to carry your camera, our Heavy Camera Sling Strap is made with 1.5" mil spec webbing and plastic hardware manufactured in the US. Adjustable up to 48" long, the strap is designed to be lightweight yet durable and strong. Comes with a set of Flat Cord 3/4" Connectors, which allows the strap to be quickly removed during tripod usage or swapped between cameras. Lifetime Guarantee."

Available in both the traditional green camo and an alternate black camo version as well these are a sure hit with just about every photographer out there who wants a solid and great looking camera strap available in many flavors to meet your specific needs. Continue below for some additional detailed shots of both camo versions and pick both up directly here at the DSPTCH webstore.


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