FEIT Double Stitchdown Boot

2014 is going to be a strong year for the folks over at FEIT especially with their latest boot the Double Stitchdown. This handmade twist on the classic Desert Boot is extremely timeless and classic. To say FEIT puts time and effort into making each boot they sell is the understatement of the century. Just take a look at the description of the manufacturing process of the Double Stichdown Boot:

"The Double Stitchdown is built from start to finish by one master craftsman. The upper is stretched over the last, flanged out and sewn by hand to the sole. This hand sewn lock stitch is made up of a top and a bottom stitch which are then inter-stitched. As a result, the stitching will not unravel, even if a stitch is removed. We've added a second stitch to ensure this shoe is even more robust and hard wearing. Shoes with stitchdown construction can use leathers of a higher oil and fat content. This leads to a very supple feel, which cheaper imitations of this process can not achieve."

It is then left on the last for up to ten days where light steam is let into the room, its moisture falling on the shoes. This process allows the humidity to tighten the shoe on the last, ensuring a superior shape and fit.

We have used the finest Italian vegetable leathers, using minimal, dyes, chemicals and pigments so the hide remains as close as possible to its natural state. The leather breathes as it does in nature. It is non irritant, soft to the touch, ages richly over time and is biodegradable.

This style is fitted with a Buffalo leather vegetable tanned foot bed.

You can pick up this amazing piece of footwear directly from the FEIT online store here. Continue below for some additional shots of this jaw droppingly good looking boot.


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