TH: First off can we get a quick intro for the people who may be unfamiliar? Name, Age, Hometown and Occupaption?

TOMAS: Whats good?! My name is Tomas Guilarte but you all know me as @Rare_Footage and I am 32 years old. I grew up in Columbia Maryland till I was 18, I then moved to Gainesville Florida and lived there for 10 years while I attended University of Florida (off and on haha).

Few years ago I moved to South Florida to pursue my Masters degree in Hospitality Management. I currently work as a server for the Council Oak steakhouse in the Hollywood Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

TH: Can you remember what shoe first sparked your interest is sneakers way back when and why?

TOMAS: I’d be lying if I told you the exact shoe that sparked my interest. When I was the age of about 5-9 years old my dad wasn’t at the level in his occupation that he is at now so the neighborhood we lived in at the time wasn’t the greatest lets just say. 

I was influenced at that age by the culture surrounding me, that time period influenced my taste in sneakers, music, clothes, slang and the whole urban culture etc. My first pair of J’s that I bought with my own money and still own to this day are 2000 black metallic 5’s and black-fire red.

TH: Your #rare_footage tag has almost surpassed the 500k mark. Did you ever imagine it would catch on the way it has and what has the response been from the people in the sneaker community?

TOMAS: Its honestly incredible to me when I sit and think about it. I started on Instagram April of 2012 so not even 2 years yet. I get feed back all the time, its crazy when people message me or comment and tell me how long they’ve been following me.

I say its crazy because I’m just a normal dude. I stand in line just like all of you, I get raffle tickets and miss and then spend double to the resellers. Im nobody special but I do take pride in the fact that I developed a page that 40,000 people enjoy coming to on a daily basis.

I’ll tell you what though, the coolest thing about Instagram is when you actually meet the people you’re interaction with in person. I try to go to many sneaker shows and Ive developed a lot of close friendships that never would have happened if it wasn’t for IG.

TH: If you could give one piece of advice from the people directly to the heads of Nike and Jordan Brand in regards to the way things are ran nowadays what would that be?

TOMAS: Wow there is so much to say on this topic. Equally good and equally bad things that I would say. I would like to say first off that while we might not agree on the things they do, Nike is a successful company for a reason, they do know what they are doing. I give them respect on regulating the bots and such on the online releases. I mean it’s still basically dominated by bots but its not as bad as it use to be. I love the silent/random restocks that happen due to canceled or orders suspected of bot use and stock that just didn’t go out all right away. 

Without writing a novel I’d say the bad is they need to get more involved in helping with fakes. In my opinion they should develop a division of Nike that would regulate things like product walking out back door of Nike factories for example and then its made in another factory and sold as a genuine Nike product when its not. I could have used Nike’s help proving to ebay that the Lebron’s I bought were fake, maybe this new division could handle things like that. 

I think Nike needs a stamp or seal of authenticity that can’t be duplicated and wouldn’t be too expensive to put on each sneaker. I’ve seen kids lose soooo much money buying fake sneakers, its really sad. Thats why I did that Dorenbecher 4 Legit check video.

TH: Out of all the sneakers you own which pair was the hardest to get your hands on and why?

TOMAS: I don’t own any really really limited sneakers. 1 of 50’s, 1 of 23’s, etc those are the hard ones to get because you might not ever see your size for sale. Besides actual supply there is no sneaker unattainable, its all about what you’re comfortable paying. To answer your question though I’d say my Premio Bin’s due to what I was saying, limited numbers on supply.

TH: If you had to wear one specific shoe every day for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

TOMAS: Its gonna surprise some people but it would be all white low Air Force 1’s, something about a brand new crisp pair.

TH: With 2013 pretty much over at this point what were your top 5 releases of the year and why?

TOMAS: Nike Air ’88 WC3 - Classic and timeless color way & style. Everyone needs a wearable pair of Nike Air’s.

Air Jordan 1 Black/Royal - again a classic color way that will never grow old.

Air Jordan 4 Toro - something about an all red shoe, sexy, 3 lace swap options.

Lebron X Cork - the concept behind it was awesome.

Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 - the materials used are top notch!

TH: Sneakers and Instagram have become something that goes hand and hand. Who are the top 5 sneaker personalities you follow and why?

TOMAS: @wlu or as I remember it @walklikeus because they were the first shout out page I started following in the beginning and they showed me mad love. It felt good to get a feature so I wanted to do the same for others. 
@yeeezy23 because in my opinion he has the sickest Jordan collection from the ’99 - ’04 era and the homie is hilarious, always has me dying laughing.

@andydiaz__ the man is a whiz with a camera and has very creative mind, his photos never disappoint.

@a_tribe_called_fresh thats my team, I’ve met almost all 37 members, close group of friends that all met through the love of sneakers and the powers of instagram, we come from all over the United States (every person “followed” is a Tribe Member).

I couldn’t narrow my list down to just 5 so here are 6 more you should follow to make it 10:

@jdollasign84 - sample king
@gortiz01 - photography and sneakers
@arist0_ - keeps heat in ice boxes
@jonallon80 - he can get you that rare pair you need
@b_ez29 - edits and photography on point
@shoe2dawoo - heat hoarder, no seriously

TH: What are your opinions on the whole Kanye x Nike x Adidas story as of late?

TOMAS: Kanye is a smart business man, in my opinion Nike dropped the ball by letting him walk out the door. If i worked at Nike and made decisions I would have given him the freedom to use his creative powers and keep making hot sneakers with that Nike check. 

Everything he puts out right now is a instant sell out whether its music, sneakers, clothes, concert venues etc. Great move for adidas, I don’t plan on buying anything but Im keeping my eyes open.

TH: What is your favorite shoe/colorway of all time from the following categories? Air Jordan, Lebron, Kobe Nike Air Max Runners.

TOMAS: Air Jordan - WC3, Lebron - HWC 8, Kobe - Grinches, Air Max - Hufquake

TH: Besides retro Jordans and your typical Lebrons or Kobe's what is a shoe that may fly under the radar that you love just as much?

TOMAS: My DB free runs, doesn’t have to be Doernbechers, any free run for that matter are so comfortable and are great for many different occasions.

TH: What is your greatest sneaker related memory in the world of sports?

TOMAS: When Lebron signed that Epic sneaker deal with Nike for $90 million I believe, Its incredible what Jordan and now Lebron have done for that company.

TH: Out of all the different sneaker materials used today, Suede, 3m, Flyknit, Premium Leather, Elephant Print, etc., what would you say is the one specific material that gets you every time and makes you want that shoe because of the material used?

TOMAS: Elephant/Cement print gets me every time, Atmos Air Max's, Dunks, Jordan 3’s and 4’s etc.

TH: With just about every Jordan colorway getting the retro treatment, what one specific colorway do you wish the Jordan Brand never touched and left a true "OG"?

TOMAS: None, Im glad they keep bringing them back out, can’t wear the old ones nor should you. I can’t imagine a world where the only BredRoyal 1’s or WC3’s or WC4’s were from 80’s/90’s and the soles look like bread crumbs. What soles are you going to swap them with now??

TH: Any last words of wisdom or advice to the people out there?

TOMAS: Be happy with what you have not what you don’t have. There are so many people in the world that are praying for the blessings we take for granted like being able to own more than one pair of sneakers when a lot of people can’t afford one pair. 

Make connections, build friendships, treat people fairly or like how you would want to be treated and believe in “shoe karma” it all comes back around.

TH: Where can everyone find and follow you on social media?

TOMAS: I’m on instagram @Rare_Footage and Im getting my YouTube channel up and running hopefully soon. As of now I have a DB4 legit check video. I'm the King of DB4 legit checks haha my channel name is Rare Footage. Thank you all I appreciate your support!

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