The Big 10: 10 Must Follow Sneaker Personalities on Instagram

In recent years the sneaker culture and Instagram have become like peanut butter and jelly. If your into sneakers in the slightest bit you should already know how important and a luxury Instagram is when compared to the days of old just 5-10 years ago. Not only is Instagram a great way to stay up on the latest news and events in the sneaker world but it's also an amazing way to meet other great people in the sneaker community who share the same interests and likes.

So who are the top 10 must follow sneaker personalities on Instagram as of now? Well this is just "our" list, and in no particular order might we add, but this is out must follow list as of today. We picked these 10 based on several factors. The impact they have had on the sneaker culture, the power they hold by posting just one photo on Instagram, the amazing collection of sneakers they posses and the respect they demand from the rest of the millions of sneakerheads that follow them as a whole.

So without further ado we present our list of the 10 must follow sneaker personalities on Instagram or as we like to call it "The Big 10".

@kicks0l0gy - Alisse Marie

She is without questions the queen of the "female sneakerheads". Gender aside Alisse has a collection any man or woman would only dream of owning. Not only does she have a diverse and wide ranging collection of sneakers but she is also a very down to earth individual who interacts with her followers on a regular basis. Not to mention her Twitter and IG rants towards her many haters are that of legend.


Here we have a revised entrant into The Big 10 thanks to some very informative information that was given to us for the person who originally held this spot. Peepmysneaks really knows his s**t and we aren't above admitting and aknowleding our mistakes as well. All of that drama aside Peepmysneaks really comes correct with tons of older and "OG" heat from all aspects of the sneaker game. From "OG" Air Jordans to crazy limited runs of original Nike SB's before you even knew they were called SB's Mr. Peepmysneaks has had them and wears them all. Much respect to him for wearing all this vintage heat as well and not just using them as display pieces.


"Young sk8" has been doing this since some of you were in pampers. Not only is he a true "OG" in the sneaker game but his deeper than deep stash of kicks are enough to make anyone jealous. And if you happen to stumble across one of his Instagram posts on "Multiple Pair Mondays" well let me tell you in advance that your feelings will get hurt.

@djclarkkent - Clark Kent

When you think of music you think of fashion/sneakers. Well thats what DJ Clark Kent is all about. The pioneering Hip-Hop DJ and sneaker god has been around for ages uplifting the music and sneaker culture. His "112" series of collabs with Nike are some of the best executed colorways you will ever see. And we can't forget his love of all things Air Force 1. Theres too much to cover here so just give the man a follow if you aren't already.


"the_perfect_pair" couldn't be a better name after you take a look at his vast and what could be considered as the best collection of sneakers in the world. As if his great Instagram posts werent enough there is also video evidence thanks to the guys over at Nicekicks. They had a chance to interview and get a first hand look into his collection which is over 30 minutes long pure sneaker goodness the likes that you may never see again. Its more than just sneakers for the_perfect_pair with the passing of his older brother not too long ago which was who taught him everything he knows about the sneaker game. Make sure to watch his Nicekicks interview here and follow him on Instagram now. This is one follow you will definitely not regret.

@neverwearthem - Edwin

With a bio that states, "The heat you got, I had.", one might think that may be a little hard to back up. Not for Edwin though which you can easily see after looking through his over 1500 posts on Instagram. With a collection ranging from just about every Nike, Jordan and noteworthy Adidas to hit the pavement whats not to love about his feed? His photography skills are really some of the best you will ever come across and his Nike iD game is legendary.

@whatthekicks - Jeremy

With over 150k followers one might say whats all the fuss about right? Well as soon as you look through a couple pictures on his Instagram feed you soon realize why he has become one of the go to names in the world of sneakers for high quality shots of super rare and limited releases. Those leg tats sure garnish a lot of attention as well and are a whatthekicks trademark.


This IG heavyweight not only has just about every Lebron, Foamposite, Jordan that everyone else on this list has but he also keeps things very interesting with his diverse taste in sneakers. New Balance, Adidas and even house slippers all make guest appearances throughout his extremely popular feed.


Wale has been one of the best lyricists in the world of Hip-Hop for years and his popularity has skyrocketed thanks to his latest release "The Gifted". To say this man has passion for the things that mean most to him is a true understatement. His musical passion carries over to his sneaker passion as well with the DC native many years deep in the sneaker culture way before he became famous. You can be sure to catch an early look at many different releases on his Instagram page on a weekly basis. One can only hope one day we can get a glimpse of his entire collection which we all know is deep as hell.

@trinidadjamesgg - Trinidad James

The Atlanta rapper has never been one to bite his tongue on anything he believes whether it's New York Hip-Hop or the latest sneaker release of the week. The Gold Gang head honcho has been deep in the fashion and sneaker world way before his recent rap popularity happened so don't be surprised to hear him talk your ear off about sneakers even more than music. His 1st and 15th series on Youtube is a great example of this where he showcases some of the weeks releases as well as his old favorites from his deep collection.

So thats it everyone. We hope you enjoyed the top 10 on our list of must follow sneaker personalities on Instagram. Like we said before, keep in mind this is our personal list based on the impact they have had on the sneaker culture, the power they hold by posting just one photo on Instagram, the amazing collection of sneakers they posses and the respect they demand from the rest of the millions of sneakerheads that follow them as a whole.

Stay tuned for more features like this in the very near future as we make our way into 2014. Thanks for the support from all of our readers and followers on Instagram and Twitter. Its much appreciated and stay tuned for much much more ahead.


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