Moment Smartphone Camera Lenses

There have been some really good camera lens adapters for the iPhone for a couple years now so when we see another one pop up you have to be a little hesitant that it will bring anything new to the table. We can sit here all day and try to explain why this lens from Moment is different but lets let them explain it:

-Lens construction: Multi-element designs with high efficiency broadband coatings.
-No Distortion: Advanced lens designs minimize geometric distortion to fractions of a percent. No photoshop required!
-Minimal Chromatic Aberration: Minimized via expert glass selection and expert design forms
-Better MTF Performance: We allowed slightly larger lens diameters to fully optimize the quality from the center of the frame to the edge of the frame

All of this translates into one amazingly high quality lens adapter for your Smartphone. The product has already reached its goal on Kickstarter here so expect these to fully start releasing very soon to the masses. Make sure to continue below for some great detailed shots of the lens as well as some sample images of what this Moment lens can do.


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