How Kanye's Runaway Movie Set The Stage For the Upcoming Yeezus Movie

With the news that broke yesterday of the soon to be released Yeezus Movie it imemdiately brought us back to the 2010 groundbreaking and often forgotten about film "Runaway". The 30 minute film at the time was received with open arms from Kanye's loyal fan base but was never truly given the credit and love it deserved from the masses. Amazing visuals, incredible concepts and a soundtrack that is some of Kanye's best work really just made this a masterpiece when looking back on it especially when you realize that the film was shot over just a 4 day period in Prague.

Hype Williams also wrote the the treatment for the movie and looking forward to the "Yeezus" movie he has his hands all over this one as well which is a match made in heaven. If the Yeezus movie lives up to the amazing visuals that came along with the 30 second clip that premiered yesterday, which we expect it to, then get ready for yet another reason for people to stop trying to pull this man down and let him create as he says. Continue below for the full "Runaway" movie to give you just a glimpse into how epic the new Yeezus movie will be in the coming months.


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