iMacompanion Routes a USB Port To The Front

If you currently or have ever owned a recent iMac you know how great of a computer it truly is but there has always been one huge flaw that has made it a little inconvienient to use at times and that is the headache of having to seach for the USB port on the back of the display. While we dont fault Apple for placing it on the back because of asthetics, we do have to give a thumbs up to the recent Kickstarter funded iMacompanion which all but solves this problem quickly and might we add cheap as well.

The accessory is extremely simple to setup by just plugging it into the existing usb port on the back of your iMac and then feeding it under the stand of the display and clip to the front of the iMac. Thats it and your off and running now being able to use the usb port so much faster with ease. The actual piece is made of high grade aluminum so it blends in perfectly with the iMac. Make sure to go check out their Kickstarter page here now so we can get this thing funded and out to the masses.


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