Aer Duffel Pack: The Modern Office and Gym Bag

The Duffel Pack is the creation of San Francisco based Aer. Their mission was to create a bag that is versatile enough to keep up with our daily fast paced lives and able to securely hold and manage both your precious gadgets and anything else you carry with you from day to day. The project is currently being funded on Kickstarter here with them nearly about to break their goal number any day now.

The layout of the bag is something completely new and unique with its dedicated laptop/ipad sleeves, ventilated shoe pocket, quick access side pockets, water resistant build and compact footprint ensuring this bag stays compact when on your back. Big kudos to Aer for that one, there is nothing we hate more than big bulky bags especially when you have to lug around a laptop around all day.

Make sure to check out their official Kickstater page here to help fund and get the project off the ground. We cant wait to get our hands on one of these sooner than later.


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