TODAYSHYPE Spotlight: Dollar Shave Club

As a guy its one of the most important and sometimes costly daily routines we go through on a daily basis... the shave. With how many gimmicks, tricks and downright stupid things some of the bigger name manufactures throw out there in what seems like rapid fire it can be comical what they will come up with to grab your attention and take your money.

We thankfully ran into a new competitor in the industry that is aiming to not only make shaving affordable for once but also make the whole process in general much much easier. With a name like Dollar Shave Club its pretty self explanatory what they are all about. Three different packages make up their catalog and depending on which options you choose you can get razors delivered to your doorstep each month ranging from $1 plus shipping to just $9 including shipping.

We had the chance to test out the ladder of the collection called "The Executive" which features 6 stainless steel blades, a trimmer edge and a lubricating strip coated with Aloe, Vitamin E and lavender. The shavers them self also come with a nicely weighted handle to ensure a good balance and encourage a save shave even under the worst stubble.

You can also add at your discretion some additional facial care products as well like Dr. Carvers Shave Butter (amazing) and Post Shave moisturizer. One Wipe Charlies round out the additional add on's here and honestly once you use this whole package together don't be surprised to find yourself ordering them over and over again they are that good.

We whole heartily give Dollar Shave Club our full endorsement not only for the convenience of having them delivered to your doorstep month after month but also the quality of the product more than delivers in every aspect possible. When compared to the much more expensive in store alternatives these hold there own and then some with ease.

You can sign up for Dollar Shave Club directly here.

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