ZEN Smart Thermostat

The ZEN Smart Thermostat aims to replace either that old clunky generations extinct thermostat your currently using or to even replace the newer overly complicated alternative. The ZEN's main advantage over everything else is its simplicity and not only because of its streamlined and minimal design.

Its simple and effective LED display gives you clear and readable information from a distance at nearly any angle. Available in either black or white this is key as well as it allows you to blend the actual unit into which ever environment it may be in. Paired with a dedicated app you can control the ZEN via your phone or tablet changing the temp and other key features while on the go or from across the room if your getting your couch potato on.

You can help contribute to the already successful Indiegogo campaign directly here with a shipping date estimated sometime in January of 2015. Make sure to help support a product like this that is helping to improve and simplify one of the key aspects of your day to day life and if all that doesn't convince you well its just a dope ass thermostat.

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