An alarm clock that wakes you up with fresh coffee

Its a part of nearly every ones daily morning routine. You roll out of bed and crawl to the coffee machine to make your morning brew half asleep with crust in your eye. Thankfully Joshua Renout has come up with what he is calling The Barisieur that should shift your morning ritual.

The Barisieur is not only a premium coffee machine but it also doubles as an alarm clock which is also different than any other alarm clock you may have already used in the past. Instead of the annoying loud beeps or music that may wake you up currently, The Barisieur uses a series of stainless steel balls to gradually wake you up with their movement throughout the machine as it starts to heat up and brew your cup of joe.

A semi wood housing and various vintage funnels and carafe pieces you can be rest assured this is definitely easy on the eyes as well. You can order one now directly from Josh's website here and also make sure to continue below for a full gallery showcasing this amazing piece in detail.


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