Ronin 47 Motorcycle

If there was a street legal bike that is Dark Knight approved it would be the Ronin 47. This amazing piece of industrial design that has since become the offspring of the classic Buell which ceased production in 2010.

The bike is basically a Buell with some drool worthy aesthetic enhancements that totally takes the bike to another level all on its own. With other custom cosmetic options available you can really make this bike unique to your specific taste as well while keeping it true to the overall Ronin stamp. You can contact Ronin directly here to place an order for yours today.



  1. Ow!!!! Such a stunning beauty it is! The shape,design,color,modifying view is just unbelievably fantastic. I appreciating the inventor of this Ronin 47 bike.Can't wait to see it my own eyes as its rocking beauty. Love That. Really thanks for this post.

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