#Bendgate 1 Week Later

50 million views later, the video that kicked off #Bendgate turns one week old today. Lewis Hilsenteger who runs the Unbox Therapy Youtube channel has really put everyone on notice to an issue that more than likely would still rise up over time but maybe not to this extent.

As soon as a day after launch day the iPhone 6 Plus began to gain some critics because of the fairly unavoidable bending issues when put in either a front or back pocket. While we would never recommend putting any phone in your back pocket if your going to sit on it, its absolutely unacceptable for you not to be able to pocket your iPhone in your front pocket without worry.

Yes we know in the infamous Unbox Therapy video there are extreme amounts of pressure applied to the device to eventually make it severely bend and ultimately crack the screen but the fact that the device even slightly can bend just from being in your front pocket seems like the ultimate fail for Apple.

If your going to purposely bend your iPhone to prove this point then your a straight up idiot. However if over several months or maybe even weeks if the phone starts to gradually bend and then ultimately break this is an issue Apple must address somehow other than a disregarding press release and a durability test video.

Yes you can replace every phone that shows these signs of wear but what does that really accomplish in the end? Your still going to have to worry about bending a beautiful phone unless you want to bulk up your device with a sturdy case. This shouldn't have to be something you have to worry about when purchasing a device of this caliber and is truly a shame.

It comes to a point when one has to ask themselves maybe thinner isn't always the answer to good design. While we love the aesthetics of the new iPhone we cant help but still pick up our iPhone 5s and love the rigidity and solid feel that its older sibling once had. So while you more than likely wont end up breaking your iPhone if your just pocketing it we shall see what ends up being the case months down the line after normal use and see whether this infamous video was the catalyst and fire starter for a bigger issue that Apple may be trying to cover up.

Above artwork by Jiri Loffelmann

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