TODAYSHYPE Spotlight: ETQ Amsterdam Low 3 White Croc

If your on the lookout for an up and coming high end sneaker brand to get up on our first recommendation would be ETQ Amsterdam. The last time we got our hands on a pair we were more than satisfied with what they provided and the amazing quality that really surprised us.

This time around we were lucky enough to get our paws on a pair of their latest creation the Low 3 in this crazy White Croc makeup. Not only is the all white upper with a blacked out sole rarely used in any sneaker but the fact that they also added the luxury touched of an all embossed croc upper this shoe really stands on its own when you try to compare it to other competitors options.

The attention to detail and lack of manufacture fuck ups like glue marks, bad cuts and normal lack of care you get with some of the other bigger named sneaker brands out there are thankfully absent here. You literally cannot find one flaw or error on the construction of this shoe everywhere you look.

Make sure to continue below for our full on foot galley of this beauty and also click here to purchase a pair now directly from ETQ Amsterdam. Also hit up ThreadWorkshop Co. for the Side Zip Black/Gold Joggers worn in the gallery here.



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  2. The ETQ Amsterdam Low 3 White Croc trainers have superior craftsmanship paired with a modern appearance. They are a striking addition to any wardrobe because of their simple design and croc-embossed leather. Ideal for individuals who value comfort and style.


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