Top 5 Brands for 2015

Well 2014 is all but finished and there are many things to look forward to in 2015 with these 5 brands topping our list. For several reasons these select 5 names are on our must watch list going into the new year but mainly because of the buzz surrounding them, quality of their products and the inevitable "about to blow" vibe they give making 2015 a year we wont be surprised to see each of them really make a huge impact in several aspects of the industry.

So enough talking and continue below for the short list of brands we are eagerly anticipating and patiently waiting on for 2015 to make a huge splash.

Filling Pieces has already put a stranglehold on the small part of the sneaker industry they fill but in 2015 don't be surprised to see the Amsterdam based label really make a big impact. The buzz surrounding the brand paired with several high profile names already rocking their amazing footwear is set up for a profound and highly successful 2015. There will be plenty of innovative materials and the same high level of quality and construction that has made their name a mainstay in the fashion sneaker lane.

Killion is a small brand based out of Los Angeles that we recently ran across and were instantly hooked. Their quality and clean cut and sew pieces are some of our favorite of 2014. The new year looks extremely promising for the up and coming brand and we can only see major moves in store for the Southern California based American made menswear brand.

Premium Co. could easily be considered our hands down favorite brand at the moment. While they have been around for several years, 2014 was a very strong year for the brand with nearly everything they pushed out being received extremely well and selling out instantly. 2015 is looking like a true breakout year for the brand thanks to the "cozy" movement they pretty much started and have perfected up to now.

Lakenzie is another up and coming brand that has consistently been pushing out quality pieces from unique patterned trench coats to high quality cut pants made with a great attention to detail. The new year is set up nice for the brand and don't be surprised to see Lakenzie really make a name for themselves in the next couple seasons.

ROUX is a London based brand we ran across in 2014 and instantly was impressed with their "Scuro" collection that they dropped this year. While they have had some solid pieces before it was this "Scuro" collection that really caught our attention and made us take notice. The sportswear influenced collection featured some really solid looks with a nice change of pace from what some of the other bigger brands out there are doing in a similar fashion. Keep your eyes on ROUX in 2015 if their "Scuro" collection is any indication of things to come.


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