Clothsurgeon Escher Tape RSMA-1 Bomber

The one piece that seems like it may not be leaving for some time is the classic bomber jacket. Its not only one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your arsenal but it just looks fresh as hell when done correctly.

A perfect example of a bomber done the right way is this crazy Escher Tape RSMA-1 Bomber Jacket from Clothsurgeon. While the name of this simple piece may be extremely complicated the actual construction and aesthetic of the jacket is a simple piece of essential menswear fire.

They have taken the standard MA-1 jacket and given it their own unique twist with several different materials to choose from like wool, suede, leather and the classic nylon option. The main difference here between these and your normal MA-1 is the tape they have used on the piece which gives this normally flat and basic jacket some extra life without going too crazy.

While we normally would lean more to the traditional MA-1 jacket this specific piece is undeniably dope and a must have. You can pick one up now directly from the Clothsurgeon online store here and also continue below for a look at all the flavors they have available.


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