Killion Quickstrike 4

If you haven't heard the name Killion by now you need to basically slap yourself and wake the F up. The young but extremely powerful brand has completely changed the way menswear and streetwear movements can operate thanks to their high quality pieces they sell at an extremely affordable price point all in limited numbers.

They recently dropped their latest QS4 (Quickstrike 4) campaign and it features some versatile essential pieces you can mix with nearly anything else in your closet with ease. A crazy "Hiroshima" Flight Jacket may be our favorite of the collection which features a premium construction faux shearling collar and the familiar red guts that has become a Killion trademark from past pieces.

Other items like the "Paneled Hockey Top" and a pair of black/white and red/blue flannels make this a no brainer of a cop for everything in the campaign. While this is a limited and one time only drop with no restocks in sight you can still manage to pick up a couple pieces in select sizes left on the site now directly here. Make sure to hit them up with the quickness though if you want to secure your favorites. Keep pushing below to see some shots from their latest mini lookbook featuring the QS4 campaign.

Also stay tuned for a special pre-order on their dope blue/red anorak jacket pictured below as well which should go live for pre-order on their site today as well.


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